Bettie Brickhouse returns to the MMW ring and puts on a show for the squash match fan by beating the daylights out of Las Vegas’s own, Jolene the Valkyrie Hexx!  We’ve seen Jolene lose hard fought battles, but never seen her eat a beatdown like Bettie feeds her!  Vicious hair pulling, pedigrees, corner work, belly punches, face punches, scissorholds, bearhugs, matchbook pin, boston crab, camel clutch, surfboard, bow and arrow, backbreaker, splashes and so much more!  Jolene never stood a chance as Bettie pulverizes the sexy blonde and sends her back to Las Vegas covered in bruises!  A final sleeperhold ends the night for the Valkyrie as Bettie gets the 3-count with a sexy pin.  Cue victory pose and this match is filed under “instant classics”!




Length: 09:57

Size: 1 GB