“Proper Face Seat!”


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Dana and Alex have an international feud going. And they are ready to tear into eachother! The two women enter the ring in pro gear, but this pro match takes many turns! With nothing but pure hatred for one another, Dana and Alex go right for the staple of any chick fight, the hair! In an instance the two girls are rolling around in a hairpulling catfight! These two look like they are fighting outside the bar! Dana takes a full mount and beats Alexandria’s face! Alex is groggy but Dana is not finished!  Alex makes it to her feet, and we have a wrestling match! Armbars, stomps, headlocks, and Pins! Pins! Pins! Its Dana that decides to pin Alex down, first a schoolgirl pin! Then, bottoms up girl! As Dana grabs Alexandria’s ankles and tries to make them touch the canvas! Not quite done, Dana switches to the ever popular Facesit! Alex has nowhere to go under Dana’s thick booty! Her struggle lasts but only a moment before she begins to twitch. Dana is thrilled with her new seat, as she bounces up and down on a KO’d Alexandria’s face yelling “U.K! U.K.!” Alex can only twitch under Dana’s humiliating facesit. Alex movements cease, and Dana knows she has knocked her opponent out! Time for a victory pose! Match, DYNAM!TE DANA!


Length: 11:17

Size: 1.17 GB