“Pro-Grain & Pro-Grain Accessories!”






SoCal native Lois Grain shows up to the MMW dojo with one goal in mind, to DESTROY MMW CEO and America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton!  Alex has no chance as Lois dismantles the NorCal milf, Pummeling the sexy PAWG from pillar to ringpost!  Ring shaking slams, painful submissions, and devastating strikes are on the menu today as Lois uses Multiple Bodyslams, pedigrees, snap mares, corner work, rope work, bonzai drop, corner splashes, stinkfaces, vicious hairpulling, camel clutch, surfboard, bow and arrow, back breaker, scissorholds, guillotines, headlocks, belly punches, rope grinds, boston crab, bearhug, clotheslines, and much much more!  A final sleeprhold ends the night for our Patriotic clad jobber!  Match, Lois Grain!




Length: 16:32

Size: 1.70 GB