“Private Beating!”




Constance had a bit of pep in her step after her, and Alexandria’s last meeting in the ring.  Alex was destroyed, humiliated, and pulverized by Constance in one of Alexandria’s more thorough lop sided beatings.  Naturally, Constance is anything but intimidated by a woman she has already dominated.  Nor should she be, as she locks up once again with Alexandria to feed her yet another one sided beat down!  The only thing sexier than Constance’s shiny, silver thong leotard, is the ass whooping she lays down on Alex.  Pummeling America’s BEST Jobber from pillar to ring post with punches, kicks, knees, corner work, leg work, low blows, hair pulling, scissor holds, camel clutches, stink face, slams, splashes, sexy pins, and more!  Constance slaps a final matchbook style pin on Alex, putting Alexandria’s booty straight in the air for the 3 count.  Match, Constance, again.
Length: 09:07
Size: 966 MB