“Power Cross!”






Lora Cross returns to the MMW Ring!  This time, to topple the former MMW Boxing Champ and feared striker, Athena Law!  The ladies make their entrances, the bell rings, they touch gloves and this match is on!  Athena takes her usual form, keeping her feet moving and using her reach.  She connects a few times but the attempts are futile as Lora out-strikes Athena 10-1!  Countering and answering back at every exchange, attacking Athena’s body, pummeling her belly and destroying her beautiful face with vicious jabs, hooks and uppercuts!  It is all Lora Cross as we get deeper into the contest.  Athena finds herself against the ropes and in the corners, eating shot after shot, taking multiple trips to the canvas before Lora finally ends the former Champs night with a stiff haymaker, laying out Athena and awarding Lora the 10-count and victory pose!




Length: 15:31

Size: 1.58 GB