POV: “You Knocked Out My Mouthpiece!”


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Wow, you seriously just beat the fuck out of Alex!  I don’t know how she will bounce back from a beating like that.  Her head was snapping, her hair was flying, she just couldn’t get a clean connect on you!  I’m impressed, Ive never seen someone beat Alex’s ass like that.  She went down 6 times!  I’m surprised she got up.  Those belly punches!  Beating her face while she was on her knees!  Jabs! Hooks! Those VICIOUS uppercuts.  You really rearranged that pretty face!  And pummeling her helpless ass on the ground!  Never seen ground and pound in boxing, she must have really had it coming!  I’m certain she will remember that ass whoopin’ for a LONG time,  Whats that all over your gloves!?  Oh!  Its that bitches ego!  Loser, Alex!  Winner, YOU!


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