POV: “Look at Laney Fall!”


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Laney didn’t bother with a leotard or wrestling boots today.  Nope, instead she traded in the shiny thing for some Incredibly tight, blue boxing trunks.  Hugging her round bottom and taking every turn with precision!  A white sports bra and blue boxing gloves complete the look, and Laney Dawson is ready to battle!  Unfortunately, she dressed up only to get the holy hell beaten out of her, by, YOU!  Laney comes out confident, but her spirit is QUICKLY, as you pummel the blonde bombshell around the MMW ring!  Blonde hair is flying and Laney head ks snapping!  Back and forth, and side to side, you beat Laney silly, using her gorgeous fave as a target, and her head as a speed bag!  Jabs! Hooks!  Uppercuts!  Laney looks like a bobble head, stumbling around the ring, unable to answer your assault!  Laney is breathing heavy and her hands drop.   BIG mistake blondie!  Over and over Laney eats canvas, until a final heavy handed blow ends the night for the self proclaimed “Awesome” one!


Length: 04:46

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