POV: “KO’d in Her Underwear!”


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Alexandria doesn’t take your boxing skills seriously!  After all, who shows up in their panties to have a serious fight?  Clearly she thinks she has this one in the bag.  Big mistake on her part!  From the opening bell you pummel America’s BEST Jobber with crippling, razor sharp combos!  Rights! Lefts! Crosses! Hooks! Belly Punches! Boob Punches, Ass punches, uppercuts, and head snapping jabs! Jabs! Jabs!  Alex is a mess as you beat her face and body senselessly around the ring!  On the ropes and in the corners Alex stands no chance as you uppercuts send her air born!  After so many knock downs a final mega strike puts the gorgeous PAWG jobber face first to the canvas!  Mustering only enough energy to roll over and see you standing victoriously above her!  Match, You!
Length: 09:20
Size: 992 MB