POV: “Broken Jaws & Laws!”


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Athena Law picked the wrong day to pick a fight with you.  Normally you would be distracted by how sexy she looks in her bikini, but today you are 100% focused on punching her in the face!  *NO BODY SHOTS* in this lop sided complete MALEDOM showcase of jobber destruction as you use Athena’s face as a catchers mit for you jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and crosses!  Athena eats canvas several times in between being battered and abused in humiliating fashion with quick, razor sharp combos.  Athena’s head is turned into a speed bag and you would think her neck is made of rubber as her head snaps and bounces around while you punish her with brute force.  There is no hope for Athena Law today.  Enjoy this one sided, hard hitting, chin smashing POV beat down!
Length: 10:07
Size: 1.04 GB