POV “Boobie Boxing!” 2


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It’s time to beat up Alexandria’s chest again, and after the beating her boobies took last time, Alex still has the nerve to show up in a low cut top!  The match begins with You immediately lighting Alex up with multiple right/left combos, knocking Alex cross eyed, and dazed in the corner.  You wast no time pummeling Alexandria’s big bouncing jobber speed bags!  Combos, jabs, uppercuts, hooks and more!  Alex a dazed, sobbing mess, is unable to defend against the chest beating you lay on her, all the while taking special time to feed her a few jabs straight to the nose and chin, snapping Alexandria’ head back sending her hair flying!  Alex is knocked down multiple times, bent over the middle rope for a lovely, bouncy, PAWG booty beating, but You are far from done!  More and more you target Alexandria’s big bouncing boobs!  Cornering her and putting her against the ropes!  A final right hook makes Alex eat canvas, and this match is over, or so Alex thinks it is.  You climb out of the ring and offer to help Alex up, but it’s all a trick!  You lock Alex over the top rope putting her chest at perfect eye level for a perfect boobie beatdown! One last punch to the jaw sends Alex flat on her back, and this lop sided, jobber squash match is over!  Match, You!
Length: 07:36
Size: 794 MB