POV: “A Woman Scorned!”


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Alex is ready for your date!  She slips in to her sexy, thong panties, black nylon, and lace garter, and sexy lingerie.  She throws on a little black dress, as she plans on having a GREAT time, after dinner, with her boyfriend that is always working, and cancelling on her.  Alex barely adjusts her skirt before she gets a text from you, informing her that you, again, have to cancel your date.  Alex is not happy, and has absolutely had it.  She ditches the dress, leaving only her sexy lingerie on, as she has quite the plans in store for you when you get home.  You get home and find Alex in a sexy, pink, satin robe.  She removes the robe revealing her gorgeous lingerie.  You are convinced things are about to get hot and heavy, however, you are not sure why Alex is also putting on her pink boxing gloves.  Alex informs you that she wants to have a playful boxing match. Though, Alex has hidden intentions of being no so “playful” when throwing punches at you.  What starts out as playful, snowballs into a complete beatdown by Alex!  Total FEMDOM up to the last KO.  Alex looks so sexy boxing in her lingerie.  Such a shame you were a bit too punch drunk to enjoy.




Length: 13:04

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