“Platinum Inc.”







Platinum Fury and Bella Ink don the leather and climb through the MMW ropes to go toe to toe in this amazing, Blonde Vs. Blonde, hard hitting, smash mouth, back and forth war!  Platinum has no plans on leaving without her belt, but Bella is ready to take the MMW Boxing Title back home to Las Vegas!  The bell rings and these two ladies come out swinging!  Tons of back-and-forth action.  Each girl giving and taking plenty of punishment.  Both women kissing the canvas!  Jabs, Hooks, Uppercuts, Combos, Body Shots, Belly Punches and more!  In the corners, against the ropes, and center ring, the girls launch haymaker after haymaker looking for that KO, W!  Which lady will take home the title?  Download to find out!




Length: 11:59

Size: 1.1 GB