“Platinum Heels!”




Platinum Fury doesn’t like how MMW CEO Alexandria is booking the new, platinum blonde powerhouse.  Not being a fan of authority in the first place, Platinum challenges her boss to a pro match, to which America’s BEST Jobber accepts!  The two enter the ring and lockup.  Immediately Platinum’s superior strength is on display, cornering her thick bottom opponent for a face and belly beatdown!  Alex is already rocked, as Platinum spends the rest of the match feeding her boss a thick layer pf ass beating!  Alex is overwhelmed with strikes, submissions, chokes, and tons more punishment as Platinum batters her around the ring with punches, kicks, knees, stomps, hair pulling, face slams, face buster, choke slam, pedigree, stunner, camel clutch, bow and arrow, sleeper hold, head scissors, belly punching, schoolgirl pins, and more!  Alex is in full jobber mode as Platinum imposes her will!  Finally, Alex is spent, and Platinum puts her jobber to sleep with ease, leaving Alex spr ead eagle, and used as a footstool for Platinum Fury’s dominant victory pose!
Length: 11:54
Size: 1.22 GB