“Piledrive Club!” 5





Platinum Fury returns to the MMW Ring to prove her ultimate superiority over the roster of local girls!  Today, she takes on thicc MILF extraordinaire, Ultra-PAWG and America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton!  The Blonde California Muscle Barbie would love nothing more than to showcase her strength by easily toppling her thicc brunette counterpart!  The bell rings and the ladies lock-up!  Platinum wastes no time establishing dominance by easily hoisting Alex in the air and dropping her in a ring shaking Platinum Pile driver!  Alex is stunned, with no way to answer, Alex is reduced to a spandex jobber as Platinum batters Alex around the ring, punishing her from pillar to ring-post with vicious hair pulling and multiple, ego shattering Platinum Pile Drivers!  Slam-after-slam, Platinum lays out Alex, flexing over her and trash-talking her helpless opponent.  A final driver ends the night for Alex, but not before Platinum humiliates her further, exposing her thong panties and mocking Alex before hooking her leg for the final pin and victory pose!  Match so easy, Platinum Fury!




Length:  06:28

Size:  700 MB