“Pie Hard!”






It’s potluck day at the MMW Dojo and Alexandria and Athena Law have both prepared and brought delicious cream pies!  But they can’t both off pie!  The ladies argue over who needs to ditch their pie.  A challenge is made for wrestling match in which the loser has to throw their pie away.  Ding-Ding-Ding, this match is on!  tons of back-and-forth pro-style action!  These sexy leotard clad, barefoot ladies wrestle back and forth, neither one wanting to come to the party empty handed.  Vicious hair pulling, belly punches, schoolgirl pins, rope work, corner work, camel clutches, boston crabs, clotheslines, guillotine, steiner recliner, test-of-strength, bonzai drop, stunner, surfboard, pedigree, scissorholds, and more!  Finally, we have a winner.  The ladies step out of the ring, the loser decides to use the winners face as a trash can when instead of throwing her pie in the garbage, she sends it right into the  winners face!  This sparks an all-out pie fight.  All 4 pies are smashed as both ladies end up with pies in the face!



Length: 10:07

Size: 1 GB