“PAWG Slaughter!” 5






Platinum Fury is hungry for another Hamilton after completely demolishing younger brunette sister, Alexandria, in their first in-ring encounter.  Lizzy couldn’t handle the cocky beatdown Platinum fed to her little sister, so she challenged the Fitness Queen in hopes of avenging the Hamilton name!  The bell rings, the girls lock up, and this match is on.  Right from the get-go Platinum establishes dominance over her larger opponent, proving she is the stronger woman Platinum locks Lizzy in horrific guillotines and punishes the poor Hamilton’s back with stiff forearms, sending Lizzy to plummeting to the canvas, shaking the MMW ring and Lizzy’s beaten body.  Platinum spends the remainder of the match punishing and humiliating the elder Hamilton sister.  Vicious hair pulling, humiliating trash talk, pedigree, surfboard, bow and arrow, camel clutch, facebuster, scissorholds, hangman, schoolgirl pin, and more!  Lizzy is laid to waste at the hands of the toned barbie.  A final stunner and sleeperhold put Lizzy on her back to the leg hook pin and 10 counts!  A final dominant victory pose over the weaker woman and Platinum exits all smiles.  Match, Platinum Fury!




Length: 09:27

Size: 1 GB