“PAWG Slaughter!” 4




Sativa Grace showcases her skills by completely destroying the blonde half of the PAWG tag team, the Hamilton Sisters, Lizzy Hamilton!  From the get go Lizzy is steam rolled and completely out classed!  Out wrestled, out muscled, out struck, and flat out, out done in this lop sided meeting of PAWG vs petite!  Lizzy eats shot after shot, as Sativa tosses her around, pummeling her from pillar to ring post, ripping her up and down by the hair to impose more, sexy, dominating punishment!  Punches, chokehold, rope, and corner work, flying off the turnbuckles!  Sativa wants that MMW gold, and is beating Lizzy’s thick, sexy body senseless to prove it!  Lizzy is tossed out of the ring and pulled back up ringside multiple times for more chokes and face smashing punishment.  Sativa makes her way out of the ring for some sexy scissor holds, hard, deep belly punches, and grinding Lizzy’s face into the canvas as a show of complete dominance!  Lizzy is thrown back in the ring where the assault continues, taking more, hard hitting, ring shaking, bent and twisted punishment!  Flung off the ropes, slammed to the canvas, and wrapped in submissions.   Lizzy is set up for a pedigree.  Sativa takes this opportunity to add more humiliation, slapping Lizzy’s booty one good time before feeding her canvas with a ring shaking pedigree!  This sets up Lizzy for the final sleeperhold that will end up being her ultimate demise.  Lizzy’s face gets puffy as she turns a rather non flattering shade of red.  Sativa is merciless.  Finally, Lizzy goes limo, and is laid out for the leg hook pin!  Sativa celebrates with a sexy victory pose, even mocking Lizzy by dancing over her sprawled out, KO’d body.  Match, Sativa Grace!
Length: 09:59
Size: 1.02 GB