“PAWG Slaughter!” 3




Strikes! Slams! & Submissions! Its Cougar Vs Milf as Goldie Blair proves that size does not matter as she dons a bikini to mercilessly beat Sexy, Purple Leotard clad, MMW Blonde Bombshell Laney Dawson down in convincing fashion. Its not often a woman can best Awesome Laney Dawson, yet Goldie Blair makes it look easy as she brutalizes the the round bottom milf with Punches, kicks, stomps, knees, viciously ripping Laney to her feet by the hair, Over and over, to deliver more of a beating, tossing the amazon around like a ragdoll, shaking the MMW ring, along with Goldies chest, and Laneys Thick bottom! Side Headlock, Head Scissor, School Girl Pin, Breast Smothers, Face Sitting, Leg locks, Bow and Arrow, Matchbook Pin, Leg Hook Pin, Rope Work, Corner Work, Chokes, Face Slams, Stunners, Low Blows, Camel Clutch, Eye Gouging, Sleeper Hold, Rear Naked Choke, Clotheslines, Snap Mares, and MUCH more as Goldie OWNS the MMW ring along with one of its biggest stars. Goldie ends Laneys night with a cross body Leg Hook pin, and KO, Followed up with a sassy, dominant Victory pose!


Length: 10:56

Size: 1.13 GB