Paula Diamonds makes her MMW debut in explosive fashion as she showcases her skill and cruelty on Alexandria Hamilton.  From the lockup Paula is in total control as she dominates America’s BEST Jobber from beginning to end, beating the thick brunette from pillar to ringpost proving that blondes not only have more fun, they also hit much harder!  Ring shaking slams, painful ring work, submissions, strikes, this match hits it all.  Pedigree, guillotine, headlocks, camel clutch, boston crab, scissorholds, brutal hair pulling, low blows and more!  Paula utilizes every old school dirty tactic as she tosses Alex around the ring with ease!  A final submission puts Alex out for the count, awarding Paula the W in her MMW debut as she strikes a dominant victory pose over the weaker, defeated Alexandria!


Length: 15:41

Size: 1.6 GB