“Pantyhose Boxers!” 8






After tons of trash talk, it’s time to put up or shut up for Lizzy Hamilton as she is slates to take on Platinum Fury in a Pantyhose Boxing Match!  Lizzy was not happy with the attention Platinum has been receiving, being used to being the only blonde lady wrestler in town, Lizzy is not happy with this new blonde fitness model on the scene, and has been telling her colleagues that Platinum only gets booked for her body, but toe to toe Lizzy is convinced she would destroy her!  The time has come and Lizzy will either prove her point, or Platinum will prove that she has plenty of skill to back up her barbie looks.  The bell rings and the fight is on.  Lots of back, and forth action!  Jabs, hooks, uppercuts, body shots, flurries and belly punches.  Both women swinging for the fences, but only one can be victorious.  It is not long before the superior boxer is apparent, as the weaker woman eats shot after shot before kissing the canvas for the third and final time!




Length: 08:20

Size: 867 MB