“Panty Pro Wrestling!” 6






Aria Blake just left Las Vegas and is in-route to Sacramento California where she is ready to lock-up with MMW CEO, and America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton!  We catch up with Alex in her beautiful form-fitting dress, about to get ready for her upcoming match with the Aria!  She slips out of her dress revealing her sexy, cheeky, white lace panties and matching bra.  Alexandria admires herself before gearing up.  Today’s attire, (as fitting for a panty pro wrestling match0 is a gorgeous, Victoria’s Secret, burgundy, matching lace bra & panty set.  Alex dons her wrist wraps, knee pads, and shiny, gold wrestling boots.   She slips on her walkout jacket and is ready to wrestle!  Cut to the MMW Dojo, the music hits and Aria Blake makes her entrance, cocky and confident as ever.  Alex enters soon after, the girls lock-up, and the match is on!  Alex takes and unexpected early advantage, utilizing a guillotine and the ring ropes to soften up the Vegas girl.  Alex makes a mistake and pays for it as Aria capitalizes and the tide swiftly turns!  Aria spends the duration of the match punishing the gorgeous PAWG with a stiff, painful, pro-style beatdown!  Tons of vicious hair pulling, slams, strikes and submissions!  Alex has no answer as Aria batters the Super Milf with camel clutches, surfboard holds, reverse headscissors and more!  Alex continues to wither away but the assault continues!  Crippler crossface, rings of saturn, back breaker, bow and arrow, chin locks, arm locks, leg locks, steiner recliner, rope work, corner work, turnbuckle work, snap mares, pedigree, bearhug, stunner, facebuster, clotheslines, belly punches, bonzai drop, eye gouges and plenty more jobber-smashing punishment!  A final sleeperhold puts Alex on her back for the leghook pin and 3-count!  Match, Aria Blake!




Length: 25:36

Size: 2 GB