“Panty Pro Wrestling!” 2







Alexandria is in on the phone trash talking her next opponent, Lora Cross.  She slips out of her sexy cheeky booty shorts and crop top and into today’s wrestling gear.  Today’s attire of choice, gorgeous, full back satin panties, matching bra, knee pads, boots, and wrist bands.  Get ready to wrestle with Alexandria and get to the ring!  The two women make their entrances and this match is on!  Little Lora completely dominates thicc milf Alex!  What else is there to say?  Watch as Alex eats punishment after punishment, and the look on Lora’s face says she LOVES feeding it to poor Alex!  Vicious hair pulling, big slams, pedigree, snap mare, stunner.  elevated scissorholds on the top turnbucke, scissorholds, back breaker, bow and arrow, surfboard, crippler crossface, rings of saturn, camel clutch, wedgies, corner work, rope work, big splashes, jumping off the top turnbuckle, eye gouges, belly punches, reverse bearhugs, belly to belly bearhugs, armbars, steiner recliner, schoolgirl pin, hammerlock clutch, and much MUCH more!  Big jobber vs heel fan?  Watch Lora Cross in full heel mode, showcasing her power by utterly crushing Alexandria!


Length: 23:37

Size: 2 GB