“Out Cold!”





It’s a KO marathon when Lizzy Hamilton shows that blood isn’t as thick as denim! Alexandria is wearing her tight jeans in the middle of the ring giving her audition for the new show “Americas Best Jobber” When out of nowhere her sister, and the blonde half of the MMW tag team champions, Lizzy Hamilton, blindsided her little sister from behind, busting her across the back of the head with a solid steel pipe wrench. Alexandria instantly goes unconscious, crashing face first to the canvas with her eyes rolled to the back of her head! Lizzy, already in a shiny black, back side complimenting leotard, and bright pink wrestling boots, is already dressed for a fight! Lifting her unconscious sisters head by the hair, Alexandria is OUT COLD, even snorting and snoring at some points! Lizzy takes pleasure showing her unconscious trophy to the viewer, before a tight leg hook pin to the 10 count! Lizzy uses the back pocket of her sisters tight jeans for extra leverage, tugging and yanking hard, rolling her younger sibling tight into her pin!  A slow 10 count and Lizzy releases Alexandria, only to drag her little sisters lifeless body to her feet by the hair, for 9 more KO’s and 9 more slow pins! All with a big game victory pose, hoisting Alexandria’s head by her long hair showing off her trophy, each time tugging at poor Alexandria’s tight jeans, mocking her verbally. Halfway through Lizzy hits a lightning fast multi punch combo, knocking Americas Best Jobbers head back and forth like a speed bag, bloodying poor Alexandria’s pretty face. Feeling somewhat sorry for her sister, Lizzy cleans the blood off a unconscious Alexandria’s face, ultimately placing the towel over her face like a sheet, Alexandria lays motionless. Lizzy brings her to her feet for more KO’s! Stunners! Strikes! Headbutts! Face busters! Nightsticks! Elbows! Lizzy pulls out all the stops, continuously KO’ing the MMW champ! Alexandria finally comes to, just enough to beg Lizzy to knock her out! Of course, you don’t have to ask the California Queen twice! A final, brutal, spinning back fist lays out Alexandria face first, OUT COLD! A final humiliating long 10 count leg hook pin and Lizzy exits the ring silent, leaving Americas Best Jobber completely defeated, dominated, and OUT COLD!


Length: 14:50

Size: 995 MB