“O Snap!” 3





How to describe this?  Lets see.  Id say, a girl fight lovers dream!  There’s are few pro moves here, as Athena, Alex, and Claire, get in to an all out, bloody, 3 way fist fight!  Trash is talked, noses are broken, faces are busted open, hair is ripped out, belly’s are punished, ego’s are battered, and necks are snapped!  After the bloody brawl It’s Claire Voyant who meets the canvas first as shes falls limp to Athena’s neck snap!  Alex is no dummy, and ambushes Athena, snapping her neck, the bodies are laid out in the ring, and Alex believes herself the victor, until Mega Heel, and MMW terror, Sugar, breaches the curtain!  She wastes no time climbing in the ring, and making a dash for Alexandria!  Will Alex be added to the pile?


Length: 12:07

Size: 1.26 GB