“O Snap!”


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Dana catches Alexandria in her shiny gold leotard, stretching in the ring. Already clad in all back heel gear and also having two wins over the youngest Hamilton sister, Dana decides to poke fun! Reminding Alexandria shes only good teamed with her sister, a brief argument leads to a challenge! Cue FIST WRAPS! The two ladies square up in the middle of the ring! They circle each other to size one another up. Alexandria throws the first blow, and connects with a quick three punch combo causing Dana’s head to snap back. Before she can regain her stance, Alexandria lights her up again, connecting with another sharp combo! Bloodying dynamite Dana’s nose!  “BITCH YOU MADE ME BLEED!” says Dana. After bloodying Dana’s face, Alexandria becomes too cocky, getting struck with a sharp 1-2-3 combo courtesy Dana! The two exchange blows around the ring! No pro wrestling moves here! these pretty ladies wanna rearrange the others pretty face, the fight makes its way to the corners with tons of face, body, and gut strikes. As the fight continues it’s apparent Alexandria is gassing out. Landing many hits that are not dropping Dana, meanwhile being pummeled by the firey redhead. Alexandria is against the ropes and Dana unleashes an onslaught on Americas Best Jobber with right/left combos! Uppercuts! Jabs and hooks! Alexandria cries become slurred as she verbally submits to Dana, begging her to stop the beating. A BIG hook sends Alexandria down on all 4s, not paying any attention to Alexandria’s shiny gold booty poking up in the air, Dana decides shes beat America’s Best Jobber’s ass enough, and wants to concentrate on the champs midsection and million dollar smile! sending hard soccer kicks to Alexandria’s ribs causing the ring and her lovely bottom to shake, she then sends four horrific soccer kicks directly to Alexandria’s face, causing our star jobbers smile to turn to red! Dana isn’t interested in a pin, she wants to shut Alex up! Lifting the whimpering jobber to her knees by the hair, Alexandria begs Dana to call the match, but her cries are suddenly stopped, and silence hits the room when Dana’s KO neck wrench sends a limp Alexandria crashing face first to the ring canvas! We’re done here right!? WRONG! Dana lifts Alexandria’s head by the hair, showcasing her KO’d bloody face for the camera, proud! Like a hunter showcasing their slain game. Dana exits the ring as you get one last look at Alexandria’s Golden clad beaten, body.


Length: 10:32

Size: 1.09 GB