“Only in Dreams!” 4





What is happening here!? Surely, that is not the mighty, MMW Mega Heel, Sugar laying under Athena Law’s victory pose!? Sugar enters as confident as always, flexing for the camera when Athena attacks from behind! Ripping Sugar halfway in to the ring by her hair, Athena stands on the bottom rope, trapping Sugar’s head in between her thighs in a merciless standing head scissor! Athena punishes Sugar in her vice like head scissor, Sugar goes limp and Athena tosses her into the ring where she completely dominates and humiliates Sugar with one of the sexiest one sided beatings Sugar has ever taken on the MMW canvas! Athena uses chokes, slams, strikes, and submissions to punish Sugar. Sleeper holds, hair pulling, pedigree, face slams, reverse head scissor, rear naked choke, side, and body scissors, belly punching, face beating, knees, ass slaps, wedgies, school girl pins, and more! Sugar is utterly destroyed with ease! How can this be happening? Has Athena really brutalized the mighty Sugar like this? Watch til the end!



Length: 11:04

Size: 1.13 GB