“Nuff Said!”




Former MMW Boxing Champion, Athena Law is looking go reboot her reputation as a dangerous KO artist.  Today she stands across the ring from none other than power striker, Irene Silver.  The fight begins and Athena lands a few shots, giving her confidence early on.  However it is not long before Irene turns up the heat and smashes not only Athena, but also any plans she had on ever being feared again.  What was once the most feared woman in MMW is left a cross eyed pile of loser as Irene pummels Athena from pillar to ring post, dominating the weaker woman with jabs, uppercuts, combos, crosses, body shots, hooks, and belly punches.  It id all Irene in this incredibly sexy, lop sided  foxy boxing beatdown!
Length: 10:44
Size: 1 GB