“Nothing Personal!”






Birdie is back, and this time she is set to fight her friend, Alexandria Hamilton!  Alex knows that this is strictly business as they are both on their way to an MMW Title Shot and is convinced the two will have a very civil contest.  The bell rings and the match is on!  Right off the bat it is apparent that Birdie see’s Alex as an opponent rather than a friend as she throws combo after combo, connecting with each strike sending Alex into stumbling stupor!  Alex tries to regain composure but is only able to keep her gloves up as Birdie pummels the bikini clad PAWG mercilessly from pillar to ring post!  Alex gets her licks in as she tries her hardest to match Birdie blow for blow, but it is no use as Birdie uses Alexandria’s poor gorgeous face as a punching bag, attack her soft sexy jobber belly as well!  Multiple knockdowns before Alex just can’t take any more of Birdies punishment and plummets to the MMW canvas for a final time!  Match, Birdie!  Sorry, Alex.  It was nothing personal…




Length: 08:39

Size: 897 MB