“NorCal Kumite!” Vol. 9







Zodiac Queen and Alexandria Hamilton go bare-legged and dawn sexy leotards to square-up bare-knuckle and duke it out ’til the stronger woman is left standing in the long-awaited 9th installment of the ever-popular, ‘NorCal Kumite!’ series!  Tons of back-&-forth action as the ladies swing for the fences, launching haymaker after haymaker, mixing up their strikes with kicks and grappling!  In the corners, against the ropes and center ring, the battle rages on!  After a fierce give-&-take battle the weaker woman is stunned with a stiff jab and put on her knees where the stronger woman grabs her by the hair and delivers a devastating, jaw-smashing strike that sends her opponent plummeting to the MMW canvas in perfect position for a final, match-ending, ground-&-pound session that leaves the loser flattened and under the foot of the winner as she strikes her well-deserved victory pose!



Length: 09:49

Size: 1 GB