Raven Mad makes her MMW debut by challenging one of the hardest hitters on the roster in Tovah Nicks!  Tovah, 4-1 Boxing, has only tasted defeat at the gloves on Athena Law, former MMW champion, and seasoned veteran.  Not only is Tovah confident she can stop Raven, she is also a bit offended at Raven’s callout, with the newcomer seeing Tovah as an easy win.  The bell rings, the girls touch gloves, and this fight is underway!  What a match!  tons of back and forth action, both girls swinging for the fences, both girls kissing the canvas!  In the corners, against the ropes, and center ring, it”s and all out war as Tovah and Raven trade blow after blow!  Jabs, hooks, combos, uppercuts, body shots, flurries and belly punches!  Neither lady is ready to gas out as this battle could only end in a KO!  Which woman will walk out, a winner, and which will drop in the ranks?  Will the noob KO the vet?  Download to see!




Length: 08:07

Size: 838 MB