“Lost Title!” 2


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Athena Law feeds sexy, thick, blonde jobber, Lizzy Hamilton, a massive, humiliating beatdown!  Lizzy is confident and starts strong, scoring a big knockdown and rattling Athena. This rally is short lived, as Athena hops to her feet and destroys Lizzy in impressive fashion!  Athena ducks and moves her feet, wearing out Lizzy before unleashing swift beatdown, rendering Lizzy into a stumbling mess.  Athena uses jabs, uppercuts, rope work, corner work, belly punches, and combos, to out box Lizzy, setting the champ up for a huge right hand that ends Lizzy’s reign as Champion!  Athena is far from done, as she continues her humiliating assault on Lizzy, leaving her slumped in the corner, a wedgied, busted open, EX champion!
Length: 11:27
Size: 1.18 GB