“Loser!” 2






Athena Law utterly destroys thong bikini clad Luna Lain in this instant classic, jobber beatdown!  After Athena shows Luna a picture of her kissing Luna’s boyfriend, the stage is set for a serious battle, however Luna has no idea she is about to experience the most painful beating in her MMW career!  Athena dominates Luna with strikes, face punches, belly punches, knees, stomps, kicks, face busters, stunners, pedigrees, rope work, corder work, vicious hair pulling, humiliating wedgies, neck crushing stomps, camel clutches, surfboards, low blows, back breakers, bearhug, nerve holds, skull crushers, head scissors, schoolgirl pins, sleeper holds, and much MUCH more!



Length: 21:22

Size: 1.49 GB