“Facetime Beatdown!”






Alexandria is so happy! So encouraged! She managed to wrestle her way to the semi finals of a pretty serious local competition. There is open practice at the MMW ring today, and Alex is just waiting for her trainer, and all the other girls to show up, to prep for their next bouts. Alexandria has tight white leggings and a bright green mesh tank over her shiny pink leotard, Shes gazing at her phone through glasses as she sits quietly all alone in a chair outside the ring. Enter Athena Law, bursting in obnoxiously loud, on a video chat call with none other than the MMW terror SUGAR! With no regard for courtesy, and oblivious of Alexandria, Athena and sugar chat about the best product for washing blood out of wrestling gear. Alexandria looks disgusted as Athena laughs about “smearing the ring” with Dynamite Dana, boasting he amount of the redheads blood spilled, exclaiming “that bitch was all over me!” Athena, clad in black wrestling boots, black knee pads, shiny black leotard, its riding up a bit, she has on a small shirt over her gear for the time being, I mean, she’s just there for a leisure training sesh too right? Athena’s bad manors prove too aggravating to Americas Best Jobber, and she asks Athena and Sugar to please be quiet. This is where things turn for the worst for sweetheart Alex. Athena immediately stands and rips Alexandria’s phone from her hands, throwing it to the ground, destroying it right before Alex. Alex sit stunned, “That’s my phone” is all she can dictate in a scared tone. Sugar continues watching, glued to the screen. “watch this! invites Athena, as she bitch slaps Alexandria, back and forth, across the face. Sugar cheers her on and she continues slapping poor Alex. Alexandria’s glasses fly off her face. Athena ceases slapping the shit out of Alex, in order to stomp on her glasses, destroying them. Alex begs her to stop, crying, “I can’t see!”. Athena and Sugar both laugh and mock Alexandria as she crawls to the ground to retrieve her destroyed glasses and phone. “Watch this!” Athena tells Sugar, before she sends a huge straight soccer kick to Alexandrias face, sending her flying back to the mat! The encounter continues as Athena uses one hand to destroy Alex in humiliating fashion! Handing the jobber one of her most embarrassing defeats yet. Sugar sticks around for the entire match, mocking and trash talking Alex, while cheering on Athena. Sugar laughs and taunts along as Athena has fun bitch slapping Alex over and over, “you slapped her silly!” mocks Sugar as a cross-eyed Alex lay mangled. Tongue protrusion, eye rolling, and drooling litter the match while Athena Jabs Alexandria’s face bloody, using a mandible claw to force the jobber to clean her blood off of her hands. Sugar continues to encourage the carnage as Athena uses the ringposts to KO Alex. Athena continues the humiliation with an embarrassing neck lock, placing Alexandrias shapely, round, bottom in the air. This visual proves just too enticing for Athena as she laughs with Sugar at Alexandria’s misfortune. “Wanna see something funny?” Asks Athena. Cue the spanks. Athena unleashes on Alexandrias lovely booty, as Sugar yells, “yes! slap that hoes ass!”. Athena proceeds, spanking poor Alex as she lay locked between Athenas ankles. A horrific wedgie and more spanks put Alex flat on her face. The beating goes on, Alex is stripped of her pants and shirt. She lay moaning on the ground while Athena and Sugar mock her pink ring attire, they mock her face, telling her she “got beat silly”, “tuck your tongue in bitch!” “who gets the drool beat out of them!?” Asks a snide Sugar as she gaze at Alex on her screen, being held up by the hair, on display by Athena. The two continue to poke.fun at the moaning pile of jobber. Sugar reminds Alex how bad she beat her sister Lizzy. Athena makes fun of knocking Alex cross-eyed. Alexandria sit unaware, a mere rag doll at Athena’s mercy. Athena tosses Alex in the ring for low blows and a big stunner. Alex is sent to the corner for an old-fashioned corner beating. Athena uses Alexandria’s hair as a handle as she repeatedly slams her face into the turnbuckle, all the while keeping a conversation with Sugar. Alex looks cross-eyed and incoherent as she is tossed back to the canvas. Sugar tells Athena she may want to stop, she’s never seen someone beaten so bad, and tells Athena she might go to jail. The two laugh off the very prospect and continue beating up Alex. Rope chokes and boot strangles appear, Alex is thrown to the middle of the ring where she is pinned down with Athena’s boot on her neck. Alex lay face to the mat, ass in the air. Athena and Sugar continue their verbal assault. Sugar takes notice of Alexandria twitching. She alerts Athena, “umm, shes twitching, i think she might be dying” says a uconcerned Sugar. The two become bored as Alex lay locked and unconscious, twitching and convulsing in the middle of the ring. Drool flows from her mouth as Athena stand oblivious to her condition, and un interested with her well-being. A final matchbook victory pose concludes this “bout” As Athena and Sugar bid each other farewell, leaving behind a unconcious Alexandria Hamilton.


Length: 19 Minutes

Size: 1.41 GB