“Let the Ladies Wrestle!”






Sometimes there is no time to don pro-gear.  Sometimes the ladies have no pro-training.  They’re just everyday women who wear what they want and show up ready to fight whoever else showed up!  Today, Alexandria, barefoot and clad in a gorgeous purple leotard, finds herself facing Vixey, a woman who has defeated her many times in pro-style competition and boxing but today, Alex thinks is her time to shine.  Bikini clad Vixey is all smiles as she is used to punishing Alex and looks forward to getting her hands on her favorite jobber for yet another time!  The bell rings, the ladies circle and lock-up and this match is on!  Tons of back-&-forth grappling as the ladies both work hard looking for the submission or KO!  Tons of semi-comp style wrestling, a bit of hair pulling, and the rolling, bending, twisting and tugging, grunting, yelping, moaning and groaning that make a girlfight impossible to look away from!  After a hard fought, give-&-take battle, the weaking woman is exposed as the stronger woman takes full control up to the final KO and victory pose!  Which lady will reign supreme?  Download to find out!




Length: 10:33

Size: 1 GB