“Leather & Face!”






Lizzy Hamilton deserves respect for offering to face off against to Tsunami after Dolly Prescott fell ill.  Lizzy is coming off 3 KO losses in a row.  After scoring a huge KO win over Sativa Grace, her confidence got the best of her as she fell to 3 very ugly losses at the gloves of Athena Law, Harper Rose, and Dolly Prescott.  Lizzy is hoping to get back in to title contention with a huge upset over MMW terror, Tsunami!  Lizzy comes out strong as the two trade blow after blow, Lizzy looking pretty sharp even scoring a couple knockdowns.  This match is packed with razor sharp combos, jaw smashing hits, and devastating body blows.  Jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and more!  The hair is flying and the heads are snapping.  It becomes apparent who the dominant fighter is as she pummels the weaker woman from pillar to ring post, in the corners, and against the ropes.  A final uppercut about sends one woman’s head to the moon, as she plummets to the canvas for the 10 count!




Length: 10:06

Size: 1.04 GB