“Law School!” 3






Athena Law takes Platinum Fury to the school of Jobbing 101 in this lop sided, ultra sexy beatdown!  Platinum has been on a good streak as of late, but her journey is swiftly halted as Athena pummels her from pillar to ring post, beating the blonde Barbie senseless with punches, kicks, knees, slams, and submissions.  Pedigree, facebuster, rope work, corner work, scissorholds, wedgies, hair pulling, bow and arrow, stunner, back breaker, low blows, belly punches, boston crab, camel clutch, and more!  Platinum has no answer for Athena’s assault!  A final sleeperhold puts an end to Platinum’s night and another jobber notch in Athena’s squash match belt!




Length: 07:27

Size: 775 MB