“Lady’s Night Out!”






Alexandria has talked a bit too much trash this time.  As she is changing in back, Lady ambushes her and drags her in only her bra and panties, by the hair, out to the MMW Ring where she proceeds to mercilessly punish America’s BEST Jobber, in a stiff, painful, pro-style squash match!  A MUST HAVE for jobber fans as Alex is tossed around, battered, stretched, yanked, pulled, and beating to a pulp, all in her sexy, shiny satin panties!  Vicious hair pulling, corner work, rope work, skull crusher, splashes, standing guillotine, wedgies, camel clutch, pedigree, clothesline, belly punches, snap mare, bonzai drop, scissorholds, face claw, bearhug, armlocks, bow and arrow, surfboard, reverse hair bridge, steel chair punishment and more!  A final sleeperhold lays out the sexy PAWG for the leghook pin and 3-count!  Match, Lady!  Alex may want to watch her mouth from now on.




Length: 17:43

Size: 2 GB