“La Jobber!”






Paris Love enters the MMW Ring with one thing on her mind.  “DESTROY AMERICA’S BEST JOBBER!”  What a Pro-Style Beatdown as Paris mercilessly pummel Thicc Jobber Chick, MMW CEO, Alexandria Hamilton!  Paris wastes no time taking control straight from the lockup, from there she proceeds to feed the Super Milf a platter of punishment!  Vicious hairpulling, scissorholds, sharpshooter, camel clutch, armbar, bow and arrow, corner work, rope work, rear naked choke, elbow drop, belly punches. fireman’s carry and much more!  A final sleeperhold and leghook-pin seal the night for America’s BEST Jobber as Paris sits atop her fallen foe and strikes her much deserved victory pose over a defeated and humiliated Alexandria!




Length:  10:23

Size:  1 GB