“Knockout Power!”





Stella Dannyy returns to the MMW ring, having already knocked out Athena Law in their previous meeting, Athena, a former MMW Boxing Champ, has been online, steadily defending her loss, citing how it was on a mat in the house, and she was not able to use the ring to her advantage.  Stella did not take kindly to Athena downplaying her victory and offers to return in the ring to show the world what real Knockout Power is, by destroying the former champ!  Athena accepts and we have a fight on our hands!  Tons of back-&-forth action, multiple knockdowns as the lady’s trade flurries, combos, jabs, body shots, uppercuts and belly punches, battling against the ropes, in the corners and center-ring!  Athena brought the heat today, but it was not enough, as Stella’s power proves to be too much for the former champ!  A final uppercut lays out Athena for the night, and for the second time this year!  Stella places her foot atop her fallen foe for a final dominant victory pose, flexing over the weaker woman in the ultimate show of dominance!  Match, Stella Dannyy!




Length:  13:32

Size:  1.38 GB