“Knocked to Tomorrow!”


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Clever and Alex square up center ring to throw blows!  Clever has one heck of a hard hitters reputation, and Alex ia ready to shock the industry as she swings for the fences, catching Clever with rights, lefts, combos and more!  Is Alex about to do the unthinkable?  Hardly!  Despite her efforts, Clever thoroughly outclasses and out strikes Alex in this lop sided, head snapping, hair flying, squash match!  Clever pummels Alex in the corners, around the ring, in the ropes, in the clinch, and center ring!  Clever sends BIG shots in to Alexandria’s beautiful belly and gorgeous face, making it clear to anybody watching that Alex does not belong in the ring with Clever.  A fine right hook lay’s Alex out flat on her back for the 10 count.  Match, Clever!
Length: 09:41
Size: 999MB