“KK Buster!”




Tovah Nicks proves that size doesn’t matter as she brutalizes KK Qing in this one sided, jobber vs heel, total squash match!  Tovah takes control from the start, as KK goes to shake her hand Tovah sends a huge, right cross into KK’s chin, dropping the woman lime a bag of hammers.  From here it is all Tovah as she continuously rips, pulls, and yanks KK to her feet by gobs of hair, just to inflict more punishment, sending her opponent plummeting back down to the canvas.  Punches, kicks, stomps, knees, in the corners, against the ropes, center ring & on the canvas, Tovah destroys KK with low blows, belly punches, slams, pedigree, stunner, camel clutch, hair pulling, skull crusher, wishbone, matchbook pin, schoolgirl pins, rope work, sleeperholds, and more!  KK has no answer to Tovah’s assault.  A final sleeper puts KK down for the leg hook pin and 3 count.  Match, Tovah Nicks!
Length: 09:26
Size: 925 MB