“Kickboxer!” 3





The Kickboxer series continues with reigning MMW kickboxing champion, Andrea Rosu!  Returning to defend her title against a fellow Bay Area striker, and sexy superstar, Nicole Oring!  Nicole is on tear having scored three consecutive KO wins over both Hamilton sisters, and Awesome Laney Dawson!  Needless to say, there is some serious buzz surrounding this showdown!  The bell rings and these ladies waste no time swinging for the fences!  Punches!  Kicks!  Knees!  Elbows!  Clinch Fighting!  Neither girl holds back as both want to remain on top in the Female Fighting ranks!  Both women give and take a good amount of strikes, each scoring multiple knockdowns before a final, clean hit sends one woman plummeting face first to the canvas!  Which woman will leave with gold in this sexy, kickboxing brawl!?



Length: 11:08

Size: 1.14 GB