“Jobber Clobber!” 2




Kristie Etzold is in town and completely unloads a vicious beating on Alexandria Hamilton!  Complete Bully Wrestling and Alex, in her sexy, shiny, tight, silver leotard, is battered with punishing blows all around the MMW ring!  Kristie uses strikes, submission holds, slams, and chokes to beat the ever living hell out of her round bottom jobber!  Hair pulling, nose hooks, headlocks, pedigree, choke slam, camel clutch, stf, sleeper hold, boston crab, face slams, belly punches, rope work, corner work, and more!  Kristie gets the easy “W” today, hooking Alexandria’s limp leg for a sexy leg hook pin!  Kristie is not done yet as she grabs a steel chair, laying Alex’s KO’d body across the cold steel, as she proceeds to humiliate Alex with wedgies and ass slaps.  Kristie has more in store for Alex than a few spankings.  She grabs a gob of Alex’s thick, jobber hair, and proceeds to smother poor Alex, sending her into a cross eyed, convulsing fit.  Two BIG stomps to Alexandria’s head send her body jolting, shaking the MMW ring and the combatants sexy bodies!  Match, Kristie Etzold!
Length: 12:43
Size: 1.42 GB