“Jiggle Jobber!” 4





Athena can’t stop thinking about Alexandria’s sexy bouncing ass.  Having dominated the PAWG in their last meeting, simply by jiggling Alexandria’s round bottom and DD’s, it’s almost as if she needs her fix.  Today, she picks a fight over Alexandria’s choice of attire, being irritated that America’s BEST Jobber has (again), showed up to work in her star spanged booty shorts!  A perfect reason to dominate the SuperMILF once again!  As alex is speaking, Athena buries her knee between poor Alexandria’s legs, feeding her a VICIOUS low blow that folds the PAWG, setting her up for another humiliating ass shaking session!  Athena wastes no time, squeezing, shaking, bouncing and jiggling Alexandria’s sexy booty!  Handfuls and handfuls of Alexandria’s poor jobber butt, on full display for the next mean woman that chooses to face her!  Bent over, on her hands and knees, over Athena’s lap, and more, Athena takes every angle and every opportunity she can to exert pure dominance over her round butt foe!  It was inevitable, Athena strips Alexandria of her booty shorts, exposing her sexy stars & stripes thong panties, PERFECT for jiggling!  Another round of torment ensues for America’s BEST Jobber as Athena laughs and mocks Alex as she continues to jiggle the UltraMILFS phat round thonged ass before finally stripping her of her shirt and leaving her on the mats!




Length:  11:16

Size:  1.15 GB