“Jiggle Jobber!” 3





Athena is still upset about having her belly jiggled, though she has already paid Alex back, she finds Alex clad in only her red bra and matching satin panties.  Athena is not one to let an opportunity like this go.  In and instant Athena stuns Alex with a strike, stunning Alex just enough to get control and do her favorite thing.  Jiggle her favorite phat butt jobber!  Alex moan and pleads with Athena as Athena proceeds to grab handfuls of Alexandria phat round ass, jiggling and squeezing, slapping and shaking, wedgie’ing Alexandria’s panties up her bottom causing Alex to jiggle even harder!  Bearhugs and belling punching causing not only her ass, but also Alexandria’s big phat boobies to bounce and jiggle uncontrollably in Athena’s holds!  From her feed to the ground, bent over the couch and straddled, Athena once-again establishes and showcases complete and utter dominance over America’s BEST Jobber!




Length:  10 Minutes

Size:  1 GB