“Jiggle Jobber!” 2







Athena is upset about a clip her, and Alex did together in which Alex proceeded to knock Athena out and humiliate her by jiggling her soft jobber belly.  It’s time for a bit of revenge!  A quick belly punch folds Alexandria, putting her in position for Athena to slip off her jean shorts and de-shirt her, leaving America’s BEST Jobber, helpless and vulnerable in her sexy, cheeky, satin panties and lace bra!  In an instant, Alex finds herself on the losing end of a jiggling showcase as Athena uses her hands, feet, punches and holds to make Alexandria’s booty and chest jiggle!  From guillotines to spanks, belly punches to wedgies, Athena makes sure everyone gets to watch her dominate Alex, jiggle her thiccness and slap her phat round ass!  How much can Alex take before Athena gets bored?  Is it even possible to get bored of handling Alex like this?  Download to find out!




Length:  10:11

Size:  1.04 GB