“Jezabel Rock!”






Jezabel Romos takes Lizzy Hamilton to the school.of hard knocks on this incredible, blonde vs brunette, jobber vs heel, beatdown! Thick, round bottom, blonde Lizzy is far from impressed by gorgeous, SoCal brunette Jezabel Romo. However, Lizzy may have bit off more than she can chew! From lockup, Jezabel completely dominates Lizzy, absolutely punishing the blonde milf into a submissive punching bag! Big slams! Clotheslines, vicious hairpulling, Headscissor, schoolgirl pins, matchbook pins, belly punches, corner work, rope work, chokes, pedigrees, bow and arrow, low blows, camel clutch, boston crab, rocking horse, sleeperholds, and more! Lizzy has nowhere to go as Jezabel imposes her sadistic will on poor Lizzy, ultimately knocking out the blonde jobber for the W! Match, Jezabel Romo!




Length: 11:18

Size: 1.16 GB