“Jeepers Sleepers!”





We fade in with Alexandria, she is in a VERY bad way, at Claire Voyant’s mercy, as Claire has her locked in her air tight sleeper hold! Alex writhes and puts up what fight she can, tugging, slapping, and pawing at Claire’s inked up arms, flailing wildly, her legs kicking against the canvas!Athena enters to admire Claire’s work, she watches on as Alex remain in Claire’s complete control. Athena asks Claire if she can have a turn too, to which Claire abides! Athena enters and slaps Alex in her sleeper! Alex twitches and her eyes begin to roll as she gasps for air. Finally Alex goes out, but as she hits the mat, Clair slaps a sleeper on Athena, remembering the beating Athena laid on her oy a week prior, she now is getting revenge as Athena remain locked in her control.  Alex begins to wake to find Athena being choked out by Claire. She convinces Alex that Athena interfered in their match. This enrages Alex as she asks Claire for a turn at Athena, to which Claire abides. Alex slaps Athena in a sleeper, as Athena gasp and plead for the women to let her go, buy it doesn’t take Alex long to KO Athena. She stands and gives Claire a high five, but just a millisecond later sends a.huge shot to Claire’s stomach, doubling Claire over in perfect position for Alex’s guillotine!  Claire begins to slump and Alex doesn’t let go, as Claire falls to her knees, the chest, still locked in Alex’s control, the two women are knee to chest, asses in air as Claire begins.to fade. Athena wakes to find Claire in Alexandria’s control. Alex convinces Athena that Claire tried to interfere in their match, which enrages Athena, Claire goes limp and Alex rips her to her ass by her hair but Athena wants a shot at the rookie too! Alex and Athena fight over who gets to KO Claire next, pulling her back and forth by the hair! The match continues with the ladies KO’ing each  other! KO after KO! The women warriors take turns taking out their aggression’s in each others rag-dolled bodies! Until Alex finally gets the last laugh, choking out both Claire and Athena for the final victory!


Length: 08:28

Size: 881 MB