“Jackson has Arrived!”





Jackson enters MMW with a painful bang! Facing off against Alexandria Hamilton! Jackson (Heel) Black boots, black knee pads, black leotard, black wristbands! Vs. Alexandria (Jobber) White boots, white kneepads, white (CHEEKY) Thong leotard, white wristbands. It’s a classic jobber vs heel squash match! Jackson spends the entire match making an example of her white-clad jobber. Slams, chokes, leg locks, punches, kicks, stomps, hair pulling, rope work, corner work, outside ring work, crotch abuse, ass slaps, wedgies, chair shots, spanks, belly punching, facesits, and scissors, just to name a few! Alexandria is beaten silly, and again reduced to a whimpering mess of jobber rubble. As Jackson picks up the easy, convincing and humiliating win against her thick, long-haired, round bottom jobber! A MUST HAVE for the jobber/squash match fan!


Length: 13:22

Size: 1.38 GB