“Jabulous!” 3


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Platinum Fury makes her MMW Boxing debut!  Squaring up with MMW CEO herself, America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton!  Platinum is hardly impressed with Alex’s boxing skills, and makes a huge statement to boxing champion, Athena Law, and no. 1 contender, Harper Rose, by beating Alex silly, making it clear she plans on being the Champion MUCH sooner, than later.  Alex goes from CEO to punching bag as Platinum uses her head as a speed bag, feeding Alex jab after jab, beating the thick Jobber cross eyed,  knocking the spit out of her, and sending her to the canvas multiple times!  Alex rises for a last time, trying to steady on wobbly legs.  Platinum attacks!  Alex tries to save face but her face turns swollen as Platinum corners the PAWG Jobber for one last flurry before knocking the battered milf out for the 10 count!  Match, Platinum Fury!
Length: 10:27
Size: 1.08 GB